Except for surprise, everything indicates that between May and July we will finally know the rest of the details about the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, including its price. Although we already know its technical characteristics and, in the case of the Microsoft console, a part of its first games, the cost of both proposals is the data of greatest interest to consumers. The only thing we can anticipate is that neither will be cheap.

After the reports and rumors that have emerged in recent weeks, it seems that a price war between Microsoft and Sony

. In fact, the Japanese company is waiting to know the decision of its main competitor. Initially Xbox Series X believed to be more expensive due to the technical superiority of its GPU – the famous 12 Teraflops – but we are no longer so sure of that belief. It is likely that the Redmond have an ace up their sleeve that could change the course of the contest in their favor.

Michael Pachter, one of the most recognized — and controversial — analysts in the video game industry, argued a talk with Geoff Keighley to talk about it. Pachter suggested that, far from what we all think, it is Microsoft who is waiting for Sony to make the first move. As indicated, Xbox Series X could be up to $ 100 cheaper than PlayStation 5. The cut will depend on what Sony does, of course.

The analyst also believes that the PlayStation 5 will hit the market with a price of $ 500. However, and unlike Microsoft, those in Japan would not have as much flexibility to lower costs. And is that the components of the PS5, mainly its cooling system, the NVME SSD and the DRAM, have skyrocketed the price of the console. The factors that cause the above are different, from the technology chosen by Sony to the shortage of parts due to high demand.

"If they want to reduce the price by $ 100, just below the PS5 price, and subsidize the first 10 million units, they will. I think they are waiting for Sony to blink first and then reveal the price. Most likely it will cost $ 400." .

Pachter was not the only one who participated in the conversation. Peter Moore, a former manager of Electronic Arts and Microsoft, noted that the two companies are analyzing the impact of selling your consoles with initial loss. Distributing them at a price lower than the cost of production would not be a new strategy for either of them. It is usual that, during the launch of a console, they assume unit losses in order to conquer the market in the first months.

However, Moore assures that Microsoft has more leeway to adjust prices, since they presume an enviable economic strength at present. "Right now, its share price, its market capitalization, everything is flying in its favor. Satya Nadella [Microsoft CEO] would say, 'This is our chance, as we did with the Xbox 360, let's put the price right.' "he concluded.

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