Sony has released the PS4 sales figures, with just a few months left until the launch of the new generation, the PS5. And is that the Sony console is having a great year in terms of sales, reaching 110 million units sold, far exceeding the figures of other consoles, but somewhat far from the best-selling system.

In this sense, in the last financial period For the past three months, the company has sold 1.5 million consoles (between PS4 and PS4 Pro). That means that, in total, there are some 110 million consoles that have hit the market since their introduction in 2013.

However, the arrival of the new generation weighs heavily on Sony. If we compare the figures with the same period last year, the company has sold half of the consoles, since in these three months, but last year, the sales figures for the PS4 were 2.6 million, which makes Difficult for Sony's current console to reach the best-selling of all time, the PlayStation 2.

PS4 figures and more about the PS5

In addition to the PS4 sales figures, Sony has offered more information on the new generation. In its result presentation it has confirmed that they do not expect delays for the launch of the PS5, which means that the launch window for Christmas 2020 is still running.

And since it is already confirmed that the company plans to launch PS5 this year

All indications are that it will increase hardware sales for the fiscal year, especially if it takes advantage of a period of PS4 sales as has happened on previous occasions.

In addition to hardware sales, the company confirms that this quarter the sale of digital games has surpassed, by a small margin, yes, the sales of physical games, especially due to the difficulty of accessing physical stores during confinement by the coronavirus.

It seems that after all, we will have PS5 in just over 4 months, with a presentation sometime in the summer and sale for the end of the year.

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