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Unreal reveals what the PS5 graphics will look like




This Wednesday, Epic Games surprised everyone by showing the first look at the graphics engine Unreal Engine 5And best of all, he did it with some of his power in the PS5. That was through a real-time technical demo known as Lumen in the Land of Nanite.

Interestingly, this one is fully playable. It was built with two tools, which are named Lumens and Nanite. An ingenious use of their titles to baptize this trial version.

Epic Games harnesses the power of the PS5 with a demo

Lumens is a dynamic global lighting tool, while Nanite It is also, but focused on virtualized geometry. The latter allows artists to import quality film-like art, and items in the Unreal Engine.

As for what this demo shows, it is about a woman venturing into a rocky cave, and discovering a hidden temple. It especially highlights how light and objects react dynamically.

Despite graphics power, analyst believes Xbox Series X will be che aper than PS5

At the end, Lumen in the Land of Nanite ends with an exciting flight through a ruined canyon. The interesting thing is to see how the elements react in real time.

The PS5 You have no problem running this demo, a sample of its great capacity. Kim Libreri, CTO of Epic Games, raised that there will be those who wonder if this test version is real, and affirmed that it is. It comes from a console development kit.

PS5 impresses with Unreal 5 graphics engine demo

Unreal Engine 5 will be the next development standard

There were no editing or tricks. ‘That's what came from the console.’, he claimed Bookcase. Tim Sweeney, CEO of the company, added something else. Speaking of Unreal Engine 5, he claimed ‘Does things that are absolutely impossible today‘.

Then he added ‘Lumen (and Nanite)… are not only leaps in magnitude in visual quality, but they are also greatly simplifying technologies for artists creating content’

. That sounds very promising.

Kim Libreri also stated ‘If you notice, most games today have many static scenarios. You know, things don't change, there's not much cause and effect. ’.

He continued saying ‘You're lucky if you can change the state of a game and come back, and it really has changed. (Unreal Engine 5) allows everything to be dynamic ’. Along with this news, it was announced that Fortnite will reach PS5 and Xbox Series X in the middle of 2021.

It will probably be the first game to use Unreal Engine 5. Regarding this engine, it will not be exclusive to next generation consoles. As he Playstation 4 how Xbox One, as well as Nintendo Switch, they will bear it. The same applies to PC, Mac and mobile.



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