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Rebellion Releases Zombie Army 4 DLC According To, Blood Count



Rebel games continue is supported its Sniper Elite debut which is arguably the most successful, we're talking about Zombie Army 4: War Dead that today already has its second DLC from the Hell Cult campaign. This second episode is called "Blood Count" and will take us to the Transylvania tunnel where we will fetch the Reich of the undead.

The twist on this event seems to be related to the general idea of ​​vampires we often see associated with the city of Romania. There will still be crowds and groups of zombies, but now it also seems that a mass of vampires and bats will be added to them.

Suicide activity

This second DLC also introduces new head items with each character (everyone's electric mask), new character, and weapon skins. Some gas masks will be unlocked once we have bought the chapter and some when the game is over, the same is true for leather skins of all kinds of weapons we already know.

On its own, the new character is Werner, a German architect from the Nazi army who is armed with long machine guns. The character will also get his gas mask and a skin of bloody weapons.

Finally, out of the story, we carry a new weapon, the "Mortar Shotgun" which basically launches a huge explosion – which can have a delayed effect. It is a complete army from the closed corridors and will need to be considered in this campaign.

The second consecutive chapter at Terror Labs also has the same structure or less than the equivalent of a few hours unless you decide to look for better scores. According to the rebel roadmap, we still miss one of the same style machines and a free summer update. Chapters can be purchased for $ 7 at the store or purchased in groups for $ 15 during the season pass.

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