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Side-Scrolling Cartoon Shoot & # 39; em Up Freedom Finger Comes Tomorrow on PS4 – igamesnews




Hi gang! Jim from Wide Right Interactive here. Before I go in, I need to ask you a too much is a critical question. Have you ever wanted to fly everywhere in a space created like a hand, explosive music, and ruin everything you see? If you said "YES!" or they are often appreciated, read about. I would like to tell you why you should check out Free Finger, a portable cartoon shooter, when it launches tomorrow March 24th!

Freedom Finger is a music-driven archer, who shoots a side that sends a shot and hits with 40 levels of action. We feature the leading voice talents of Nolan North (Unchwed), John DiMaggio (Futurama, Adventure Time), Sam Riegel (Bad Work), and Eric Bauza (Rick & Morty).

On the music side of things, we have Aesop Rock's original music and over 30 licensed tracks from Red Fang, METZ, Power Trip, Com Truise, Ty Segall, Makeup and Vanity Set, Drab Majness, Danimal Cannon, and more.

So yeah, that's got more teams and voice over dude, but what about the game? Freedom Finger combines the fast-paced shooting of isolated shooters and features it with a hit & # 39; em ups.

Since your aforementioned atmosphere is shaped like a hand, it has the potential to shoot, pierce and capture enemies. Shooting (from the middle finger, of course) extends the damage with a laser cannon. Food cooling takes it a step further, allowing you to put on some damage and bring in a little snow.

The hold allows you to capture the enemy and use their rifles as your weapon. This is how you gain access to Power-ups and other unique weapons. Throwing captive enemies turns on the projectile. Set your time accordingly and you'll chase invading enemies and wrap up some critical points! It looks cool too.

Speaking of looks, everything in Finger Finger's freedom was hand drawn by artist Travis Millard. And when I say everything, I mean it. Last count we had over 2,000 hand drawn items.

This work of art plays a huge role in making the Finger Story come to life. The story is narrated using full-length cutscenes, totaling over 70, covering more than an hour of content. Very saturical and over-the-top, this story has ways to get more branches and ends. Not a fan of news on your game? No problem. Guide to arcade mode where all 40 levels are unlocked and completely played from scratch. Not the point of decline or the obvious plan!

Speaking of standards, each is driven by a unique musical track. These tracks drive speed and influence the timing and movement of enemies. For example, the level with the beats of Com Truise's synthwave can be slow, causing each enemy to deliberately attack and count.

On the other hand, thrash metal band Power Power would be rewarded up to 11. Lots of enemies, bullets, and attacks. The variety between the audio track allows us to create experiences that will keep you level-to-level.

We wanted to make the PS4 version of Free Finger a bit better, so we've added three new levels featuring original hip-hop music, Aesop Rock!

We know that players have a ton of choices when it comes to PS4 games, so we wanted to completely pack a Free Finger full of great music, hand-crafted art, great voice talent, and lots of laughs.

Freedom Finger is launched tomorrow on PS4. We hope you will join us as we wander around the space in the handmade space, the music explodes and it hits the whole spectrum!

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