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Sony reveals why the PS5 will be its largest console



Sony reveals why the PS5 will be its largest console

Play Station 5

With the unveiling of the upcoming console Sony Several doubts arose regarding its operation, and one of the main concerns had to do with refrigeration.

Yes, it has a very particular design and the difference against the box of the Xbox Series XBy the way, it was built just like that to give it good ventilation. So how did the system of the PS5?

The answer lies in the size of the console, since shortly after the revelation event images began to circulate that made comparisons between the PS5 and its predecessors, which showed us that at the end of the year we would have in our hands a ‘gigantic' console.

Good heat dissipation was Sony's priority

In accordance with Matt MacLaurin, the president of UX Design para PlayStation, the new console Sony It will generate enough heat, and therefore it was not possible to give it a design as elegant and thin as the PS4 Pro


All this is a result of the increase in power, which will influence the increase in temperature, and therefore changes in size.

Through its LinkedIn someone wrote to him:

I am really impressed by this design, however these days people are looking for portability and comfort. The performance of the PS4 was incredible. Why make a new, bigger and heavier product?‘.

Thermal issues‘ answered MacLaurin. ‘This generation is of mini computers. Power is really extreme. The technology is too cool and it generates a lot of heat so we need space to dissipate it‘.

While the opinion of the community on the aesthetics of PS5 It is divided between those who love it and think it is futuristic, and others who feel it is a very ugly modem, at least we know that the size was due to technical reasons.

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