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The Second Nioh 2 DLC is now available on PlayStation 4



The Second Nioh 2 DLC is now available on PlayStation 4

Sony y Team Ninja they just showed up trailer to launch Darkness in the Capital, the second DLC for Nioh 2 now released on PlayStation 4.

You can buy this extension separately for $10 or directly buy season pass.

It costs 20 and will give you access to two available extensions and a third with no release date.

This second DLC also requires that we have passed the basic game and it is recommended that we also play it in sequence

, so it should have completed the Tengu student before starting work on this second extension which, by definition, is more difficult than before.

Nioh 2 releases his second DLC

The expansion situation is Kyoto but it has been for the past six centuries and it will lead our protagonist to join other demon hunters and magicians to fight the powerful Yokai that threatens to destroy the whole of Japan.

In addition to the content of the story that, remember, is a huge spoiler so you have to play it after completing Nioh 2, new things are straightforward and coming. Namely new enemies, engraved orange gears, new metal inscriptions, guard spirits, and mitts and nails as weapons. In addition, there is a new difficulty mode called “The Sage's Dream” and it promises to be a real challenge even for professionals.

Nioh 2 was released seven months ago for praise and, according to Team Ninja, has already sold more than a million copies. The title is a fitting follower of Nioh and a great game that takes the formula of Spirits and takes an extremely difficult challenge for fans of almost impossible challenges.

This second DLC is available in the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4 and will currently remain exclusively on the Sony console. The first Nioh came to PC for all its DLCs, but it took 9 months so it is possible that this one has a special temporary contract.

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