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They promise that the PlayStation 5 event will be as exciting as E3



They promise that the PlayStation 5 event will be as exciting as E3

PlayStation I was going to catch the attention of thousands of followers next Thursday, because Sony It would broadcast an event dedicated to its next-gen console, however it was postponed.

So far it is known that it will be focused on the games that will arrive on this platform; however we are hopeful that they will show something about their hardware.

The last event disappointed thousands of fans, because it was a conference without emotion, but this time they promise that the presentation will be as exciting as the ones they did in E3.

Due to the COVID-19, the E3 It had to be canceled to protect the health of attendees, although this does not mean that 2020 will be absent from important announcements.

PlayStation will thrill like in E3

Many companies assured that they would make broadcasts with the announcements they had planned for the expo, and apparently, the event of Playstation 5 He will seek to give us the same emotions that he provided when he attended Los Angeles.

Jim Ryan, President of Sony Interactive Entertainmentrecently spoke to the BBC about the plans the company has, and he took the opportunity to mention his next livestream.

Apparently this time it will not be a boring technology exhibition, as it promises that they will make us feel like we are in a conference of PlayStation at E3.

‘Normally you would be in some Los Angeles auditorium with 2,000 other people. You would be able to cut adrenaline and testosterone with a knife. We have to find a way to do it and give the community a little impact. When you see the show, I think you will see how we did it. ’

The event would take place on Thursday June 4But they decided to delay it to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

We don't know when we will see the new news that PlayStation It has for all its fans, but it promises to be impressive.


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