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This is what we know of Ghost of Tsushima after the State of Play




Sony announced a few days ago that it would make the State of Play exclusively dedicated to Ghost of Tsushima, the title of Sucker Punch. We have been waiting a long time to look at the American study project and today we finally had the opportunity to take a closer look at Tsushima Island during the Mongol invasion of Japan.

After showing us cinematic during Game Awards with a bit of gameplay we didn't know anything about the title, and, like The Last of Us II suffered a slight delay that you now let read on July 17, 2020. This is the last major game from Tony for this generation making an important addition to the company.


And after what we have seen it becomes clear that Tsushima's Spirit is a late-generation game, the principle of the lyrics was shown extends to PlayStation 4 and, if you decide their faith, we must admit that it looks impressive. Feudal japan never looked as good as it did in the game it showed, and even though YouTube's compression programs (and the fact that it was broadcast, and pixelated) managed to look good.

The first thing they revealed was the exploration, Ghost of Tsushima, it would be an open world, the island would be our main stage and we would have lots of places where we could do some activities. Obviously the spirit will be visual mechanics and the sound that will lead us to unknown places, animals and other more basic symbols such as smoke created by a bonfire that will help guide us to different places, will not literally be when the wind takes us.

Two types of combat

Then the fighting force that would need two Commandments, who had killed and died, was shown. Jin, the protagonist is known for the samurai, but also as a ghost that scares the Mongols against Japan. In the war kill version will go from cut to cut, we didn't see that the character uses more than two ribs per enemy, so when he pulls out the sword he will kill. It also has four different carriers and we can see another couple in action as this has not been exceeded. In this style of combat we saw the use of bow, shurikens and sticks to eliminate enemies, though it is clear that they were added to the game of sorts and not a necessity.

It is a ghost version of our presence to scare the enemy and we will have to interrupt them to attack them from behind, these storms are deadly and scary all over the camp we have attacked, some even flee and we should not fight them. On the map we saw a meter that you didn't make it but it seems to indicate that well known on the island it seems that our identity will have an effect.


Finally there was talk of photographic mode, clothing and charms. These are basically things that will allow us to change our way of play thanks to skills such as "Healthy Bomb Smoke" or "Your Attack Must Be Poisoned" etc., with clothing that will require the same various benefits, in fact, The silent attack gameplay was shown in black costumes and mask, while the game the assassin saw Jin wearing military armor.

Image mode is what we expect, or we can also add images, which we share on networks that will not only store static images but also have decent images, especially the wind and leaves that go with what we will see animated. In addition, we can associate images with the soundtrack of the game.

In the mainstream we saw a game very similar to others that we've already seen that only with the quality control of Sony and a very different (and seemingly less powerful) fighting style than that of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. We're dealing with AAA which has all the songs, which is pretty cool, though there is still a lot to judge as the mode of the story that is not mentioned.

Ghost of Tsushima is coming exclusively for PlayStation 4 on July 17.


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