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Warzone: a world record with a single game execution




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A new group of Call of Duty: Warzone I just broke the record for removing from one game. About 4 days ago, this record was broken with an astonishing number of 113 deaths. This World Warzone record was thought to be the most difficult to beat, but only days later. And is that a team of four players set a record at 121 deaths.

As you can imagine, the game was played in the form of quartets of warfare, and the party was made up of broadcasters TylerTeeP, HusKerrs, DougisRaw and Symfuhny

. The records were identified and as a result were verified by the official Call of Duty Twitter profile. Maybe one of the participants on this record sounds familiar to you, because there's someone else behind them. For example, HusKerrs broke a murder record in a solo game
not long ago: 37 death.

Call of Duty: Modern Wars 2019

World Warzone Murder Record

¿How were they able to do these calculations? For those of you who have never played in Warzone, one of its biggest signs is that you may be facing another player in the Gulag when they kill you. When you win this 1 out of 1, the player re-points to the map. There is only one effort for him The Gulag, but if it's already been eaten or lost, teammates can transfer it as often as they want if they have enough money.


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