Since Sony confirmed the existence of the PlayStation 5 during 2019, made it clear that the Audio 3D It would be one of the main novelties of the console. However, it is until now, just over a month after its launch, that have detailed headphone compatibility. They had previously revealed that players do not need to purchase new headphonesas the technology was a software proposal whose processing will be the responsibility of the PS5.

If your current PS4 headphones are connected via USB or Jack port, they will be compatible with 3D Audio.

Thus, the company revealed that all headphones that can be connected via USB to the console, or through the 3.5 mm Jack port. on the remote, have support for 3D Audio. With this information, we assume, then, that the vast majority of Bluetooth gaming headsets for the PS4, which are connected through a USB adapter, will be able to take advantage of the Tempest 3D AudioTech of the PlayStation 5.

However, headphones that work thanks to the optical audio output, which is absent on the PS5, are left out of compatibility. Unless, of course, the manufacturers decide to offer a special adapter

. Surely in the coming months – or weeks – we will see multiple companies presenting their audio proposals compatible with next-generation consoles. It will depend on you if you want to obtain a model already available or wait for new products.

Headphone makers gear up for the PS5

Astro is one of the companies that confirmed your headset stand for the PS5. While all models can be used with the new hardware, it will be necessary to purchase an HDMI adapter to be able to adjust the levels of each audio source (game and voice chat). The reason? Your hearing aids premium

they used the optical audio output, which is now absent.

SteelSeries, for its part, equally assured the compatibility of your headphones with the PlayStation 5, including 3D Audio.

Evidently, Sony used their ad to promote the 3D pulse, the official wireless headphones of the PlayStation 5. Among its novelties, in addition to ensuring compatibility with 3D Audio, they promise to offer Noise Cancellation. They integrate physical buttons to control playback and their battery is recharged through a port USB-C.