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Apex Legends shows a trailer for new character Loba




One of the most relevant Battle Royale yet is Apex Legends, introduced by Respawn Entertainment over a year ago EA has been a great source of revenue, which users see appearing in new seasons with all the content they upload to them.

A few days ago they introduced the fifth season of the game, adding another new character, Loba. In this case we already knew that this was a thief who wanted to achieve his advantage against the Treaty. Starting this new season, we can help you reach your goal at the Arena.

Meet Fisherman, a thief in Apex Legends

To celebrate his arrival in the game, the official account of YouTube from Apex Legends, Respawn has published a new video where we can learn more about Loba Andreade. As points of highlight we have to look at their ability to steal and touch style when they act.

One of his most interesting abilities is to reach the black market, where we can find new weapons through which we can defeat our enemies and complete the mission of revenge. There is nothing and no one can be hidden from your eye. All of this and much more we can see in the right trailer that will show us all the potential.

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