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Dread Nautical is coming to the Xbox One on April 29




Fancy RPG fans Zen Studios, The creators of some great titles like Operencia: The Stolen Sun (a game I highly recommend you try before you leave the Xbox Game Pass catalog).

Dread Nautical is a turn-based Tactical RPG with attractive and fun nature cartoon, where we have to find a way to survive the invasion by creatures from the other end who have taken Hope, a trip we had spent our holidays.

Search for survivors and build your team on Dread Nautical

For Dread Nautical we can choose one of the four main characters available, each of them with their own skills and characteristics. But dealing with the abusive creatures of our country is not a good idea, so, we have to explore each of the boat's corners looking for survivors who want to join the war.

All in all we will meet 13 survivors who can join our teamHowever, not everyone will agree to fight for us, so we have to choose wisely how to deal with one of them if we want them to help us in the fight. Each of these characters will have their own unique skills and demands.

, so it will be very important to get as many survivors as possible.

Another important reason to seek out all survivors is that, when we use the same group of characters, they will be very scared and their stats will be greatly reduced, so we will have to change our team members regularly.

Testing will play an important role in Dread Nautical, as we have to search the rest of the boat for food in order to maintain the morale of our team, or find weapons and objects that can be useful to us in combat, but be careful, because weapons and equipment are limited and, in addition, deteriorate in each use.

Without a doubt, Dread Nautical looks really interesting to all of us who do not like the genre, and I can assure you that from the Genación Xbox we will be waiting to let you know all the news related to its upcoming arrival.


I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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