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Inreal Engine 5 is compared to the previous version




We are slowly seeing how a new generation of video games enter the door, starting in December last year when we were able to officially and completely surprise the launch of the Xbox Series X, a Microsoft console that promises to be the most powerful in the market and provide unparalleled experiences.

Another proof of the arrival of this change is the official unveiling of Unreal Engine 5, a new type of graphics engine from Epic Games that has left everyone in the spotlight, as it is promised that this will be a new generation of graphics that we will soon see.

New comparison of Unreal Engine Engine 5 signal with that of Unreal Engine 4

After the announcement we had different statements from many of the biggest faces in the industry, including Phil Spencer, who congratulated Epic Games and expressed his enthusiasm to see Xbox Game Studios work using this powerful new version of the fake engine.

But since we always have something to lack, we're talking about comparisons. In the last few hours we have seen how the new Unreal Engine 5 demo comes face to face with the one we saw almost eight years ago with Unreal Engine 4 4 ​​Today we bring this comparison to a new uploaded video on YouTube

, where we can clearly see the difference between one sign and another, to see this new version as an improvement in many aspects of the visual, although the two have managed to look really amazing in all their stages, it is clear that the new generation of games will be superior to this in every way, by providing experiences we had never thought about before.

We are really looking forward to seeing the work of different Unreal Engine 5 channels on the new generation, something is already warned that it will take some time to arrive, but it will be worth the wait.


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