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Jannisz wins the Fortnite Champion Series Invitational at just 15 years old




The Games are moving forward all over the world, and they are starting to gain weight that in years past was unimaginable. Although the fact that the epidemic caused by CCIDID-19 has attracted attention at live events of several key competitions, some continue to be held online, broadcasting for fans to enjoy on various streaming platforms.

This is the case of the popular Epic Games competition, Fortnite, who over the past few days celebrated his Championship Series Attitational by providing fans with authentic heart-stopping games. The winner of its European program was the Germans Jannisz

, and even though she was only 15, she has reviewed all of her competitors.

Fortnite Champion Series Invitations raise $ 2 million in prizes

The German, a member of the Wave Esports team, took his prize worth $ 120,000. The winner is not the only recipient of the grand prize, and the second, “XL Wolfiez” received $ 95,000 and the third, “Aqua” $ 70,000. Remember that this Champion Series Invitation introduces us 2 million dollars in prizes.

The success of this type of event is more than proven, and that in Europe alone 95,000 viewers are left connected by most of the competition via Twitch and YouTube. And interested in this kind of competition?

Juan Lorente

Juan Lorente

A professional lawyer and a fan of video games since I tried Street Fighter II on the Commodore Amiga.


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