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Josef Fares will be on hand to reveal his next match




Josef Fares, the genius behind “F *** the Oscars !!”, A Way Out and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, would be on hand to announce his next title under the EA Games program, as referenced by Jeff Grubb. We would not have emphasized the news if it had not been for the confidence of Insider himself and, moreover, it is known that Josef Fares was 100% involved in the creation of the new title.

The opportunity for a future announcement comes from Jeff Grubb's response to tweet about the following Josef Fares article, to which he replies:

Well… get ready to learn more about it soon.

Considering that the digital event will be June 11th EA Play live where we would be able to for the first time lobby the world and the news that EA has prepared for the coming months, it would be absurd to wait for the announcement Hazelight Studios

, a study by Josef Fares, looking at the positive reception of his latest article, A Way Out, which will be over two years since its launch.

Little is known about Josef Fares' new project, but they have dropped some details

From the limited information available today about the new Swedish title, it is known that they are working to create a novel experience but one that is reminiscent of their most successful articles: A Way Out and Brothers: A Tale of Two. In an interview that Josef Fares gave to VG247, the composer revealed that he wanted to surprise the player as they did with his last two titles:

With my brothers and Wat Out I think we did really well. Especially in the end, people are left wondering: But what happened? That kind of experience is exactly what we want for our next article.

I can safely say that our next article is not A Way Out 2. I know that it worked really well, but now we're involved in creating something new and it feels different.

Our next article will cover a lot of equipment that will keep players from getting tired of it. They will help you every 30 minutes. It will not be a sexual game, but it will be betrayed, believe me.

What is certain is that Josef Fares sees that good news information should be shared, as is the case with A Way Out. So the less information you have is that it will have a multiplayer background, but that's why it will leave the deeper accounts where we used to be.

We need to know the details that will be released soon. If you haven't played any of their titles yet, Brothers: A Tale of Two is available under the Xbox Game Pass service until May 31st, so you still have a week to kill. On the other hand, they are both Brothers How Way out They will be sold at a 75% discount until tomorrow.


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