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Mexico is the first mature character from GTA VI




That we will soon have a part of GTA VI is something that should come as no surprise to anyone. It's the Rockstar Games & # 39; gold goose and there are hundreds of thousands of fans looking forward to learning more about it. In this house we have already passed you a few stories about it and today we are bringing you another excellent one.

The All Games Delta website has revealed what appears to be evidence that the CGI trailer for the game has already been filmed and produced. It seems so the recording is made in 2018

according to the per formance page of Jorge Consejo, the actor who participated in the show.

El Mexicoano or «The Mexican» in GTA VI

This not only shows that the game has been a bit time-consuming, but also that Rockstar has avoided talking about it so as not to cover Red Dead's redemption 2. When will GTA VI be released? Well, this is very difficult to answer, of course, because CGI filming is something that is done throughout the game development process, it's hard to establish a date.

The other relevant truth that this curriculum expresses there will be a character called Mexico, or El Mexicoano. It was rumored that this sixth installment of Grand Theft Auto would be set in the US and that Brazil would play a part.

CV for Jorge Consejo. GTA VI status is appreciated.

The actor was already on social media playing this way, but he did not confirm and deny that, but he did it in the minds of his fans.

Back in Gta VI day, rumors suggest that next month the game will be revealed with a tire. These new details also indicate that the game is in development. Will we see her soon? this may be the case, but at the moment it considers this information illegal.

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