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E3 ago we knew what could be Mojang's new proposal, Minecraft Dungeons. With the obvious history of ARPG games and the promise of the original story, expectations for this game have been low. Personally, as a fan of Minecraft I am, I was expecting a lot from this game, and from the start I can say it's not disappointing.

To set the scene, in Minecraft Dungeons we will take on the role of a character who must save the world from arch-villager. This unique character has found a domain orb, where he wants to gain control of everything in his path. In order to prevent this, we must destroy his arriers, his army and thwart his tactics by fighting hard when skill will be of paramount importance.

Through this Minecraft forum, Mojang Studios shows how far Spacecraft can travel. What 11 years ago was a sandbox with endless options and a few resources has become something worth trying.

Technical section

The design of different Minecraft Dungeons maps will be much easier. They have used the fact that the universe was created in cubes, and from Mojang they create different levels of elegance that look really beautiful. From other Redstone mines to the desert through the swamp, many of the biomes from the first game will be seen here.

Where perhaps we can see that formation has been the point they have been focusing on when creating the world we have homes for citizens. Using the concept of the first game, in this case it looks really nice, with a wall and ground that gives you a sense of diving and a great feel.

As for the performance of Minsecraft Dungeons, we never encountered any problems as we went through this story. Perhaps the most important thing is to see how the enemy stays locked under the map, but as a general rule there should be no problem.

In terms of language, we see how Minecraft Dungeons is completely translated into Spanish, at least in texts. There are no other words in this play, only at the beginning of each work to explain the story. This will be in English only with the Spanish subtitle. Everything else we will see only in our own language.


The Mangeecraft Dungeons program involves simplifying the class formula, equipment and skills as much as possible. We will have space for melee weapons, one for bow and bow, one for armor and three for different artillery.

What will give us the greatest variety in this regard will be magic. Mojang designed each weapon from 2 to 9 weapons to choose from. This will be divided into three groups, being able to select only one for each group. This decision will be lasting, so if it doesn't make us believe and want to change we have to use another weapon, something we can understand first, but it gets harder in the end.

Some of the content available will vary from life-threatening to always using any art we have, producing results for our attacks. Let the lightning strike, consume our enemies or cause them to become paralyzed, which will be of great help if any of these enemies are present.

Each weapon will include unique damage figures, mysterious buffs, and magic. Even two equal weapons will have different magic, so you will need to see which of them we are left to use.

Among the types of melee weapons we can have swords, swords, spears, dunes, amulets, selectives and rifles. These will have rarity tips, which will also provide a series of skills or just. What we have at each moment will be completely random.

For different weapons we will have arrows and pathways. The bows will allow us to shoot faster and faster, although they will usually do less damage than by flying. In addition, we can load attacks to cause more damage.

Minecraft Dungeons will also have a slot of armor that follows the same logic as weapons. With 2 to 9 enchantments, a certain level and health advancements, integrated quickly with technology, and the like, choosing an outfit will come to a point in how we want to see it.

If for example we choose one of the weapons with a candle in the head, a partner band will appear. This will move around the world independently and help us defeat enemies. In the end, as with the rest of the list, the best would be to try as much as possible and keep what we find most comfortable.

In terms of archeology, they will be presented to us as a rocket to use with a bow or crossbow. In short, they will give us a variety of skills that will bring health, making us jump with a pen or a variety of skills. We can buy them from street vendors or get them from mission boxes.

You will need to get used to it, or once we get started it is very difficult to stop using it because it is comfortable. Above all we can see through fireworks, which will cause more damage to enemies than usual. And, after using it, Minecraft Dungeons will force us to wait a bit before using it again, we can't be too harsh.

The first world will be a game study, where we can test out the different mechanics found within it. In addition, once we are done, we will have a camp, which will be the base of operations where we can buy local people and start a new job.

In terms of purchasing, we will have to use the emeralds we will get in the chest or defeat the enemies. We will have two options to use. The first will be the color of the blacksmith, which we will unlock in the first mission after the lesson and will sell us a random weapon or weapon depending on our level almost Emeralds.

The fact is that many times we will feel like we are losing money, because with every good thing we can find we will probably buy several. On the other hand there is a street vendor, who will do the same with a black but, instead of giving us weapons, he will give us a variety of art.

The only thing missing is the ability to buy arrows. There is a point in this game where we don't need to buy too much and have emeralds left. If they were not used to buy arrows, this sale would be taken advantage of and the emeralds would not seem so much in the latter levels.

Once we have all of our inventory chosen we can start a new adventure. Because of this we will only go to the center of the camp and can access the map. The design of this map is excellent, with the points shown where we can go.

Here we can change the difficulty between these three, which will be unlocked as we fill in the previous one or choose where we want to go. It is very important to remember that, once we have selected a place out of the 12 available, we must choose the internal difficulty level.

It is, instead of being the norm, it will depend on the quality of our characters, or we can raise it and reduce it to our liking. The difficulty is, without a doubt, the most accessible and the point where anyone can play, offering that option to the whole family.

Minecraft Dungeons uses one of the most useful tools in gaming, which is the working generation. Each time we open the map it will be different from the last time, which will allow us not to feel like we are repeating the same amount. If it is true that in the creeper forest then we will see little change, be it the same or actually all the time.

On the contrary, as we move forward and the levels get bigger, this little merger will make the most of it. In the latter stages, changes in angle, changes in gene structure and specific details will make you feel unique. It is not a radical change, and that after all it seems to be historically inclined, but it is something that is appreciated.

Throughout our journey we may encounter small “bosses”. These will only be stronger enemies than usual, and will have life on the bar at the top of the screen. Evocative, bones on a horse or enderman will be some of those we can find. In addition, they will have great difficulty, which will make our skill more important than ever.

At the end of each level, we will, in contrast, meet the tenant level. His health will be very long, it's a closed phase and you will need to be well prepared for this battle. This is where we are most likely to die, using one of the 4 available efforts. They are such wonderful battles that, if we go with the final effort, the differences will be noticed to complete.


One of the most important points to keep in mind when knowing the average length of Minecraft Dungeons is that we're talking about one of the difficulty levels, and most importantly, that the foundation of this game is to be able to play it all the time we want, on our own or with friends.

If we limit ourselves to the standard history of Minecraft Dungeons and want to defeat the arch villager, it will take about Seven and a half hours by killing him. Of course, the internal difficulty of each level is the influence, the ability we have or how the level is produced.

Assuming only and only for the reasons of the story, it would take us about half an hour to complete each of these, explore as much as possible and defeat all the enemies we see. On the contrary, these levels of choice will be long and full of paths and secrets, and it may take more than an hour to complete.

the end

Minecraft Dungeons is an action game that uses the Devil's formula in a very simple formula. Perhaps the strongest fans of this type of small game are aware of Mojang's proposal. On the contrary, if we haven't played any more, we have some of the best games of this style to begin with.

The multiplayer component Minecraft Dungeons has been in since the first minute. The variety of weapons, enchantments and abilities shows that, while not only fun, the multiplayer experience will be excellent.

The world is a process, so each time we return to the map it may be completely different from the last. Unfortunately, this feeling has not been repeated all the time, and until the last stages of history this change has been very evident. At first it looks like a change of position for other chests or enemies, rather than a different map.

Plus, Minecraft Dungeons doesn't have Crossplay, so if we want to enjoy it with our friends, it has to be on the same platform as them. In the future the update will come with this functionality between the Xbox One, PC, PS4 and switch, but when it was designed for multiplayer, the result would have been appreciated.

We thank Xbox Spain for the work provided to perform this analysis.


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