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Minecraft Dungeons launches on May 26




Pre-order now!

If you love me and want to protect at least ten For copies without asking Executive Producer David Nisshagen and Game Director Måns Olson about them, Minecraft Dungeons will be available for pre-order on selected platforms. If you're on Xbox Game Pass you can also get ready to play the first day by pre-installing the game on your console or PC – starting today.

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Some of you may be asking "What are Minecraft Mines?" I might ask if you live under a block, but instead I explain to you: Minecraft Dungeons is ours a new action-adventure, dungeon-style game where up to four players battle together to defeat the evil Arch-Illager and his endless crowd of new-and-bad crowds – one level full of action at the same time. Not only can you do that by having a good company of your friends, you also have all kinds of weapons, art installations, and enchantments at your disposal. And if you still have questions, so let our effective FAQ answer all the times, how, and whites!

Is Minecraft Dungeons a Minecraft game?
Minecraft Dungeons is a new, standalone game set within the Minecraft universe, with its massive instrumentation and challenging challenges. You may not be able to place blocks or build a cobblestone house, but you are still a very avid Overworld enthusiast.

Are there character marks in Minecraft Dungeons?
Minecraft Dungeons has no categories. In the spirit of genuine Minecraft, it's all up to the player to build their own playstyle and who they are with the things they equip. You're what you wear!

Will Minecraft Dungeons be available via Xbox Game Pass?
The Standard Edition of Minecraft Dungeons will be included in your Xbox Game Pass membership, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members have access to the console and Windows PC. Xbox Game Pass members can save up to 10% on Minecraft Dungeons DLC related add-ons!

Does Minecraft Dungeons have multiple players, and if so, how does it work?
Just hold your controller and jump inside! Minecraft Dungeons supports up to four out of two local players in bed co-op and online co-op ways. However, we do not provide a real bed!

Will Minecraft Dungeons support more cross-platform players?
For starters, you'll be able to play multiplayer online with friends on a single platform. We are working to bring more cross-platform players to Xbox One, Windows 10, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 soon with a free update after the game's release.

Is there a similar practice for multiplayer online?
No. Minecraft Dungeons is designed to be played together with your friends – either in a comfy bed or in a nice online environment.

Do the transitions from one game to the next?
Yes! Each mission in Minecraft Dungeons is a mix of systematic content and carefully crafted items that capture the mission and excitement of the mission. In other words, while the mechanical parts remain the same, the paths, crowds and treasures you receive will always be different when you play them.

Is there a DLC?
Yes, there will be! With Minecraft Mines – Hero Edition, you will have access to it the next two packs of DLC for free. We will share more details about this soon.

Why can't I order Minecraft Dungeons on all platforms?
Minecraft Dungeons will be available on all platforms at launch, but is not available for pre-order on all platforms. In the meantime, keep official Minecraft Dungeons channels with the latest updates.


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