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Pre-order the Halo infini art book on Amazon




Halo Infinite offers a lot to talk about, it's normal as it's an activity where all Xbox fans pay attention because of their great love for the games in the Halo saga, which is why any game leak itself is interesting to know more about.

In this case we bring different but related saga stories. A few hours ago it was published in an Amazon online store in the United States an art book from which the actual game will appear

after your departure. In the description of this book, referring to information that was already revealed at the time, Halo Infinite will be the largest so far and will look great.

It will be named “The Art of Halo Infinite” and will have 200 pages

Available for booking at Amazon's online store which will cost $ 39.99, around € 36.67 and will go on sale December 29, 2020. In a description it is further stated that the new cover of artist and artistic director of Halo Infinite, Sparth was introduced but there is currently no picture of what they are offering. the publisher of this book will be Dark Horse Books


In the following link You will find a store where you can store this new Halo art for those who want to have one more item in the Halo saga game collection. In this link we find a description of this product that explains what we can find.

We keep in mind that Halo Infinite will only be released for Xbox One, Xbox Series X or PC and will be installed from the launch date on the Xbox Game Pass.

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