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Remake of System Shock gets a playable demo with Steam and GoG




For several years now, people have been Nightclubs it prepares for the return of System Shock with an inevitable update. Now, they give us access a sign that is playing in the Alpha section, available via Steam and GOG.

Without a doubt, it is an undeniable opportunity to enjoy one of the most popular topics of all time. The opportunity created is also evident by the fact that the development studio plans to broadcast 30 minutes

The role, action and intimidation of System Shock gets a playful demo

After twenty years, Nightclubs this is we are restarting and re-imagining a real adventure from System Shock while trying to keep all those things that made it so special. In fact, they got the help of some of the original team members as well as the participation of the character who produced SHODAN: Terri Brosius, one of the most powerful and formidable opponents to ever see.

And of course, giving it to new players an expected look at the AAA game. Or, though the fact that playable manifestation gives us a brief overview of the game, it can be hoped that if we can avoid it at its earliest, performance and content will be color.

Alejandro Serrador

Alejandro Serrador

A tough gambler who went to hell wanting to deal with his inner demons. An experience that led me to write all kinds of texts.


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