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Sherlock Holmes and his deduction will be coming to the Xbox Series X




Sherlock Holmes will return with a multiplatform title that will reach the current consoles and will explore the most unusual cases on the new-generation machine, as fellow journalists and videogame fans have announced Meeting, congratulating us on their good work.

Existing case will bring back a famous investigator today, and with this we will have Ukrainian developers Frogwares, who has already given Sherlock Holmes his life and know-how Sherlock Holmes: Crime and Punishment and Sherlock Holmes: Daughter of the Devil, among other previous articles. This new game will be called Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, and the drops will be a prequel. It is there that we will investigate the investigation of Sherlock's youngest who should investigate the events that took place after his mother's death. In this way we will see how the one without a doubt is the best known investigator of the time.

Sherlock Holmes: The first chapter will provide an open world without losing the narrative depth

The title announced today is presented as a game with a serious narrative burden, however unlike previous chapters on this we will have an open world to explore, which will take us to a unique and dangerous Mediterranean center. This whole world will come alive thanks to Unreal Engine 4.

In this case, Sherlock Holmes is not the famous detective we all know, but he will have to make a name for himself, before which the studio will use that to show the extreme arrogance that has always been in the character. It has also been revealed that she will not be alone, even though the presence of her partner Jon is a complete surprise. In addition, the game will feature a global research program

, which will allow us to investigate everything more freely and find reductions in rumors, clues and other evidence we find on our way.

The Frogwares, responsible for The Sinking City, have been able to thank all of their past achievements, whether in the news of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or the shocking news of H.P. Love. In this way, they were able to listen to the public to contribute a complete article.

This is how they explain that a weapon system can help us solve certain situations, however, given our character's abilities, we will be able to take a closer look at all the opportunities that nature has given us to use against our enemies, without having to lay down our hands.

The research also reveals that the world will be full of corruption, crime and culture, blocking our investigation, so that once we are able to redress the case and come to the truth. And it is especially emphasized that facts and lies will prevail throughout development, and that in many cases the proclamation of truth will do you more harm than good.

Research, history, combat and exploration seem to combine in this way that is expected to reach all our minds by 2021. Until then, and how it happens, we leave you with a trailer for the presentation.


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