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So you can get free Fortnite turkeys, today




Despite a couple of days without the news that he had received a few additional Turkeys with Fortnite; Today we return to the old ways and explain how you can get a few Turkeys with free thanks to Fortnite's guard mode.

As we usually do before going in to details, we strongly recommend that you first complete the trip daily, with it you can easily find between 50 and 100 Fortnite Turkeys

(See the daily game spaces available today, but they're very common.)

Discover 35 Turkeys thanks to Fortnite's global backup mode

In the meantime, it's very possible that we all have access to the mission that is available today, because the mission will take place at Villatablón, the second unlockable location in Fortnite's Gcina mode World mode and which you all probably have. But if for some reason you haven't been to Villa Plank, you can always ask a friend who opened this place to invite you to their game to get these extra Turkeys.

Today's goal would be to make the Bomb move to the industrial district of Villatablón, which recommends reaching at least 58 levels. By successfully completing this mission, in addition to the usual rewards such as gold and experience, we will also earn 35. Turkeys

If you complete that journey with daily goals, you can achieve at least one 85 Turkeys Without much effort. Stay connected to the Xbox Generation to find out how to get free Turkeys at Fortnite and so on.

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Santiago Carrillo

Spartan is a faithful and loyal servant of Jor-Ha, with a command in his hands for over 20 years.


I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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