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SSD’s impact on Xbox Series X and video games



With new generation equipment, all eyes are on, trying to see all they can give us. And that the Xbox Series X promises to be a beast not only for its performance, but for all the work behind its architecture and fast SSD installation. For this reason, the opinions of experts and developers are becoming more and more repetitive, praising the power of the next-generation platforms and becoming increasingly fluid in terms of recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of the other.

Among all the points that deal with new equipment, one of which gives a lot of leeway to install SSD, some disks will shrink until the loading time is approximately. That has always been the case Stuart Tilley, director of Firesprite Games, who just released their game on the Xbox One Persistence

, a bad title that invites us to survive amidst a cursed star full of transmissions that we have to face in order to enter the ship and set the course of the Earth.

Gamers are the top winners of using SSDs on the Xbox Series X

In the words of Stuart Tilley, before the arrival of SSD there were many aspects that needed to be discarded, because loading times are significantly increased. This won't happen on the Xbox Series X since using a SSD

charging times will be greatly reduced, so that engineers have it in their hands to create large worlds with shorter load times, allowing users to travel faster.

Stuart Tilley It also compliments the progress made with respect to the up-to-date sound, which will allow us to reproduce the sounds that sound as though they were all around while playing quietly from the sofa.

Another point the studio manager is happy with is the options ray tracing, which shows that they are working to see how they can be incorporated into The Persistence. As he said, the next generation “Sounds like Christmas” development of video games. Now is the time to look forward to the arrival of the Xbox Series X by the end of the year.

The Xbox Series X will not only include SSD, but in the words of Digital Foundry the Velocity build used by Redmond in their next-generation browser will allow them to double their performance and speed. Microsoft had announced days ago that everything could be said about its new machine.

We leave you with a video where Microsoft compared the load times of the Xbox One X versus the Xbox Series X with the game State of Decay 2.

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