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The audios from The Division 2 have been discovered that will reveal the future of the game




Division 2 is already facing the final stretch of its first season. One that has since left the hunt for Jupita rebel stock, the current one has been hunting for his site. But what does the future hold for Ubisoft looter shooter? It's currently a mystery, or part of it would have been revealed thanks to the dataminer.

As we find in Reddit, user definitelyaltanalt16 It found some audio files within the game in the PTS version of the title which could give clues as to what was to come soon.

Division 2 will add a new mode of public demand

Obviously, this is not official yet and neither Ubisoft nor the developer have spoken. Findings may be part of next season 2 or may be added later. Or that doesn't come to the game. But the fact that there are audio files within the game showing new events, characters, and game modes is important.

From here come some little spoilers for the first game and Division 2 and its expansion, New York's Warlods. According to the leak, after completing Kener's cell, in the second season of Hornet, a character will appear, who will be the new hunting target. That is, the head of a new stimulating cell that we have to do. This means the same program will be repeated for the second season, with four lieutenants hunting to get the Hornets out of his hiding place.

In addition, leaky audio files also signaled the arrival of a new game mode. In this, his anonymous name, players will have to release a skyscraper, from bottom to top. Best of all, it seems like it's not a one-time event, but rather Agent Kelso's audio files suggest it will be a repeat event. Not in vain, Kelso says verbatim “Do you think you can clear a skyscraper as soon as you do it again?

With these data, this game mode is reminiscent of the Underground from the first game. The mode users really liked and that they have been asking for phase 2 to work on and off. Once this leak is confirmed, Ubisoft will offer its fans the most sought-after option within its looter shooter.

Both Digital 2 and its New York expandable Warlods are now available on the Xbox One and PC.


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