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The new Halo is a Master Chief Collection patch for the Xbox One and PC




The latest update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection has just been released, including the release of Halo 2 Anniumph on its PC version. Like it Microsoft warned and we will notify you of the release of this original Xbox version in this copy which will bring about the various failures that 343 industries are aware of.

Fortunately yesterday after passing the Microsoft certification, from Halo Support has been announced the introduction of a pond to correct these errors, which was not very popular with the public. Finally yesterday afternoon it was released to fix some bugs.

Patch Notes for Halo The Master Chief Collection

Below you can see the full notes of the new amount, it will solve the projectile problems in Halo 2, general stiffness, blockages on specific HAlo 3 screens, etc.

Update file size

  • Xbox Game Pass for PC / Microsoft Store – 7.74 GB
  • Steam – 175.9 MB
  • Xbox One – 1.96 GB

Error correction

General bug fix (PC)

  • Adjust to the Easy Anti-Cheat home screen when starting the game

Halo 2 (all platforms)

  • Stability improved when leaving or ending a Campaign meeting
  • Fixed an issue that caused projectiles and grenades to be teleported to players elsewhere on the map

Halo 2: Memorial (All platforms)

  • Update of Holy Separation Map of H2A Team Hard Play Playlist
  • Mark return time for Big Team Battle CTF is set to 15 seconds from 5

Halo 2 (PC)

  • Extension Pack's voice input problem for languages
  • When played at high FOV, LOD formation is now interpreted consistently
  • Fixed a connection problem when starting last location in co-op campaign
  • The Big Team Three Plots points now require a clear 600 seconds to win

Halo 2: Reminder (PC)

  • The design is now officially appearing on “The Oracle” for those with AMD GPUs
  • Fixed memory adjustments in the stop menu during the campaign
  • Various compose maps now have the right light

Halo 2: Monument (Xbox One)

  • Fixed an issue that caused HUD to become a center while zooming in while playing on multiple split-screen players.

Halo 3 (Xbox One)

  • Fixed a crash when loading Valhalla multiplayer map.
  • Fixed a problem that caused Rubber-banding, Collapsed Vehicles, Target and Objects, Lost Results, and Normal Stability during multiplayer Halo 3.

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Miguel Uroz

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