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The new regulatory update brings new capabilities and more




Remedy is a studio that has become accustomed to creating great games with intriguing stories and a very artistic background. It's already happened with Max Payne, with Alan Wake and of course, with his last title, Pontrol.

Regulation comes after Quantum Break to give us a third-person shooter where, in addition to being able to shoot guns, we will have a series of supernatural forces that will take us through the sea of ​​pleasure. The game itself is already pretty good, but again from March 26 next we'll be available free update

that will bring more stories to the topic.

Expansion of the Startup Controller to the Xbox One on June 25

As you can see in the accompanying news video, we will have a new skill called «Shield of Defense«. This ability will vary in the traditional shield with which it can be used to strike enemies. In addition we will have a few excellent discoveries for map and tree development, and visual development for PC users.

As you already know, Controls are available for the Xbox One and PC, and the first of its releases will arrive the same day with this free update, March 26. However, Xbox One users will have to wait another 3 months, and that is if this expansion will reach Microsoft's console on June 25.

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