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The Xbox Series X has a dedicated audio chip




We are living very few days with regard to the new generation of comforters. During this same week, Microsoft and Sony showed up to take in their new console, showing us their final details and components. And although the Xbox Series X has already proven to be the most powerful console of the two, comparisons continue to emerge. Something sensible and familiar, because although the Redmond console has great potential, there is a point where the PS5 is superior.

However, some of the information that circulates the Internet these days is completely inaccurate. We're talking about audio chip. An important factor in the vibrations of the present generation will also be the following. Especially since thanks to about 10% of the CPU power output, the power is used for other tasks, such as AI or FPS rate.

Microsoft and Dolby have created the Xbox Series X audio chip

In recent days we have seen on the Internet how different media claim that the power difference between the PS5 and Xbox Series X will not be so great in the long run, due to the absence of such a chip in Microsoft's console. Its absence, if it were real, would hamper the CPU's capacity and reduce the total number of tflops. Something that was completely removed from the original and in a way, with madness

, as this certified audio chip is confirmed from mid-February.

In previous news, we revealed that Microsoft has also introduced a chip that frees the processor from luggage and shows all the audio files in games. The only thing left a great impression on the Xbox One is the SHAPE chip, and the fact that they did it again with the Xbox Series X. In addition, they confirmed the collaboration between Microsoft and Dolby Atmos, thus ensuring high audio quality with Dolby itself claiming to have similar properties to your system.

The collaboration between Microsoft, Dolby and Middleware partners has launched a spiritual audio revolution that transforms any headset into molded entry doors to another world.

With all this, Redmond, like Sony with its own Tempest Audio chip, manages to release the CPU from all wearables and audio-visual aids. That is to say, of the 12 tflops of power, nothing to remove is reserved for the audio category, as is the case with the PS5 and its 10.28 tflops (maximum limit). The difference in power is always the same, because they both have this business dedicated to one of the most utilitarian elements.


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