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Top Huntdown Tips, Action Comedy Arcade Shooter Introduced Today on Xbox One




Hi everyone,

Today is a great day for us as it marks the launch Huntdown, our 16-year-old Microsoft Store. If you haven't heard much about the game, We have a plan Huntdown hand in hand like an old school arcade game, but you have taken our favorite features and re-invented them with today's audience.

He plays as three antihero bounty hunters tasked with cleaning up the dystopian city of gangsters and their bosses. Before diving in, we wanted to share some tips and tricks that should be helpful to any novice bounty hunter who wants to kill.


Time is important

You can always throw yourself into dangerous situations Huntdown. Sometimes you need a consultation approach, and time is very important. Getting into the cover at a critical time can mean the difference between life and death. Jump from cover to cover to take a hit, drive behind a crate, kill an enemy, grab your weapon and repeat it.

You can also pull to avoid bullets and jump between platforms to avoid enemy fire. If the formidable enemy gets too close, drag it by pressing the X, and then finish it with an explosion of ammunition before reaching your next target.

Select the Right Work Tools

In Huntdown you can shoot many weapons including laser weapons, katanas, bombs and more but choosing the right tool from your arsenal can make all the difference. The Shotguns perform short military operations in the immediate vicinity, but machine guns are ready to control the crowd.

Our three Bounty shooters each have their basic rifle with unlimited ammo, as well as throwing weapons, both of which have cold moments. Ana Conda's first shotgun blasts, John Sawyer hits hard but there is a slight delay between each shot, and with the Mow Man you can spread the trigger button on fire immediately. Learn the strengths of your character's main weapons and use them as much as possible.


Ammo with the weapons you collect at levels is limited Huntdown. If you get a surprise weapon, you can switch back to your basic weapon if you want to save ammo until the fights are hard to fight. You can also take powerful bombs that will take over your throwing weapon, but can be thrown and re-equipped at any time.

Knowing how different the default is and when to turn your weapons to the less powerful weapon to save ammo is what separates the best hunters from the rest.

Know Your Enemy

In this game we have a number of criminals to be wiped out, from violent speeches to a deadly motorcycle club that draws inspiration from the ancient Roman Centurions.

Learn about enemy patterns to bring them to justice faster. Our criminal team commanders tested the ability and the intelligence but could be put down by learning their attack methods.


You also get complete health when you arrive at your employer or testing center.

Search All Inch City

Reach every part of the level to make sure no one escapes justice. At the end of each level you get the total number of enemies you have removed, and how many are left.

There are secrets hidden behind some walls and some things that require explosives to arrive. Look for explosive barrels that can damage objects and enemies when they explode. Sometimes enemy waves can be hidden and then level up to find out you lost 10 of the 40 possible targets, reduce your saturation and leave the crime unmanaged.

Xbox Live


Caffeine Stain AB


$ 19.99

Crime doesn't pay – Unless you're a good hunter!

In the streets littered with futuristic festivals in which gangs dominate and force fear to tread, only clever hunters can free the city from the devastating problem of a felony. Put some rubbish on the underground criminal and commit murder in this shooter of a tough comedy action.

Key Features:

Hunt solo or provide compression fire and move the enemy together in unison as you run, jump, and take cover in neon-inspired, graffiti turwn 80s inspired magazines.

16-bit hand-painted pixel art and hand-drawn animations integrated with fluid action-pack 60-FPS Gameplay and an epic music compilation.

Huntdown everything from bizarre cheeses to organized hockey, the game is given to bad boys and 16 crime bosses, each with their own unique place to retrieve, and a spearhead to take over the world.


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