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10 Tactics when using the mouse on your iPad with iPadOS 13.4





The trackpad and mouse support highlighted among the key features provided by the latest version of iPadOS 13.4. Apple introduced this possibility as a major innovation that enhances ergonomics when using its popular tablet, inviting us to try it.

So far, many experts have shared some helpful tricks for those who want to forget about touch too Use the mouse on the iPad. Although these features have been released alongside the new Magic keyboard via Trackpad they will work with any compatible add-on.

Tricks when using the mouse on your iPad with iPadOS 13.4

These tactics will go through a program based on how to pair a mouse for the first time, navigate the iPad interface, and adjust body gestures.

The mouse can be paired directly via Bluetooth:

Connect the mouse to iPadOS-13.4

To make this connection to iOS 13.4, just connect the mouse directly to the Bluetooth settings, which are available internally Settings> Bluetooth, later finding a mouse, usually at the end of the list. There, just touch to pair.

2. Access to the Control Center

IPadOS Control Center-13.4

To view the Control Center, we have to move the cursor to the top right corner of the screen and click the directions in the battery status bar and Wi-Fi. Within the Control center

You can interact with widgets and right-click on the widget to open the context menu with additional options.

Watch notifications

IPadOS-13.4-mouse notifications

To access your notifications, simply move the cursor to the top edge of the screen and drag.

Reveal Slide Over Apps


To get to this menu, you must move the cursor to the right of the screen to show the applications Slide over. Once again, we may have to move beyond the screen boundaries to view each application.

5.Use mouse action

The magic mouse

The mouse functionality in iOS also supports physical gestures. These include:

  • Use your finger to browse a document or web page.
  • Swipe left and right and works within apps.
  • In Safari, you can submit courses back and forth through their web pages.

6.Use the trackpad action

IPad Pro keyboard with trackpad

The trackpad supports all of the functions mentioned above and adds support for body gestures such as:

  • Swipe with two fingers to submit a document or webpage.
  • The three-finger swipe is flexible in different ways. By rotating the three fingers to the left or right, you can rotate through open programs.
  • By sliding three fingers up we can go to "Screen Start", while a three-finger touch will close the existing system and open the "Multitasking Tray".

8.Change Cursor Tracking Speed


The tracking speed is slower by default, but can be increased depending on the application Settings> Accessibility> Interface control. When we get there, we can use the slide to adjust the speed.

When using the touchpad, you can disable the inertia function, which moves the cursor as soon as you move your fingers on the touchpad. That is a personal preference, because some people don't like the agency that adds the interface.

9. How to change trackpad settings on iPad

IPadOS-13.4-mouse settings

If you use a Bluetooth trackpad or a new magic keyboard with Apple Trackpad, there will be a new menu Trackpad within Settings> General. Here you can change the cursor speed, click to click on any additional settings.

10. How to change the look of the cursor


The iPad cursor appears as a small gray circle instead of the usual arrow, in case you are uncomfortable it is possible to change your look and behavior on the menu Settings> Accessibility> Interface control.

The mouse support on the iPad is presented as a real change. Will users be ready for this change? Share a comment!


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