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120 Hz ProMotion display, better face ID and more




IPhone 12 Pro
Youtube / AllApplePro

Last year, in September, we saw the arrival of the first iPhone that Apple deemed worthy of the name "Pro". The iPhone 11 Pro, which was a big change in terms of power and image quality, but that's about it it was not too surprising in some of its features, was expected to be the first phone of the company with ProMotion technology. However, the disappointment comes when we see that the screen has just been upgraded a few more brightly.

Let's be honest, the Super Retina XDR, which is a screen for both iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, It is one of the best in the market. However, this does not change the fact that it lags behind in terms of refreshment, and the fact that many of Apple's competitors are already beginning to flood the market with phones that load screens over 90 Hz But we already know Apple well, and they wouldn't mind introducing something.

So, it looks like the next iPhone 12 Pro may be the first signal the company will carry an OLED panel with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. At least, this is illustrated by Max Weinbach with the AllApplePro channel. Thanks to ProMotion technology, the iPhone 12 Pro can change the refresh rate as did the Apple Pro in order to maintain maximum independence. In addition, this is not the only innovation that will come with Apple's new terminals.

Of course, one of Apple's biggest problems remains security, and the iPhone 12 Pro will also introduce upgrades in this regard. The new models would not only see the TrueDepth sensor size reduced, but also Face ID functionality will be enhanced, perhaps with respect to viewing angles and speed of facial recognition. These kinds of changes have already been announced with the iPhone 11, but hopefully they will become more visible in the next generation.

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On the other hand, with regard to the photographic segment, we would continue the same attention as always. For example, the performance of iPhone 12 Pro cameras in low light areas will be enhanced faster autofocus and more advanced optical stability. In addition, the new LiDAR sensor that will integrate behind it can provide accurate Portrait mode, although this will still be seen after not seeing the development of this component in the new Pro version.

All of these rumors, which are part of a long list of issues that may come with the next iPhone, are focused on the iPhone 12 Pro. By adding more such as 5G installation Or larger screen size and improved battery, make an open gear load that could make these new phones win the Pro just like the iPhone 11 Pro did. But they won't be the only phones we will see coming this year.

IPhone 12 Pro Render
Youtube / AllApplePro

As well as the iPhone 12 Pro, which will be available in 6.1 inch and 6.7 inch sizes, the other two iPhone 12s will be launched to outperform the iPhone 11. Currently this will leave other features like the ProMotion screen or the LiDAR sensor, but it will have the same A14 chip. In addition, this range will have a new 5.4-inch size to fill the gap the iPhone 11 Pro would have left by expanding its base. They will also have a 5G, or lower version.

In short, to carry out all these rumors, because it is important to remember that we are currently all about that, and we will be there before one of the best generations of the iPhone. Maybe not the external change is as important as the iPhone X, but the interior of these new phones would change dramatically. However, some variations in their frames are also being looked at, which may be similar to that of the iPad Pro.

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In the meantime, the anticipated next appointment is not directly related to the hardware of the new iPhone, however yes it will mark the way forward depending on your software. On June 22, WWDC 2020 will be held, and we will have the opportunity to see for ourselves the change in iOS. Changes that will indicate what we can really expect from the new iPhone.


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