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3D city wallpapers app for cities




Google Store It has a large number of games and uses for all genres, including one that lets you create your own deep and the other by it Translate real-world objects into Photoshop by taking a picture. However, there are other apps that need a lot of attention, either for what they offer or for their price, such as the application we allow set amazing 3D cities wallpapers of the world for drone viewing.

It's about Metropolis 3D City Live Wallpaper, developed by Justin Fincher, is an app that offers over 100 different panoramas of different cities around the world and has ever been developed on Unity 3D engine, which is also used to manage popular games on both mobile and computer devices. Among the cities found in the program are some important ones from North America and Europe. In addition, the Metropolis 3D City Live Wallpaper also features a series of landmarks, such as Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty or Bordeaux Church

, among others.

Metropolis 3D City Live Wallpaper

It should be noted that 3D wallpapers This app also supports horizontal scrolling as you scroll from page to page on the home screen. As you open or slide your finger across the screen, the city re-enters animations to suit your mood. Among other features, Metropolis 3D City Live Wallpaper also it has zoom effects, which can be enabled or disabled from Placement of application.

Create 3D city wallpapers for your mobile devices

The Metropolis 3D City Live Wallpaper also allows change the animation speed, zoom level, parallax effect, and horizontal text speed. In over 100 locations available in the app, about 50 are available for free

, while opening the remainder you should first see the ad. On the other hand, there is also a paid version that costs $ 3.30 and with which ad was released.

Also, it should be noted that you are an app developer offers 50 free coupons for anyone who wants to get the Pro version of the app. Without a doubt, it's a great way to choose a wallpaper for our smartphone or tablet. But if you're looking for an alternative to the world of video games, we introduce you later wallpapers of Final Fantasy VII Remake or Assassin & # 39; s Creed Valhalla, the latest installment in the popular Ubisoft saga.

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