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5 tasks without which the following HomePod will not survive





With the latest rumors of the new HomePod being less expensive than the current one, we wonder what tasks Apple could cut to this device to lower its costs. Also that at the software level it is a very limited tool due to the dependency of another device with iOS or iPadOS, but at the Hardware level it is a speaker with high quality audio and what your power supply provides for its value.

This is a new IPP it may be a smaller and more expensive device than the current one, which sees how it won't compete because of its price with other similar devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Home and Nest. So, Apple should reduce its costs as much as possible, but without sacrificing those features that make the HomePod a good speaker.

For this we have prepared a list 5 features that Apple should incorporate into the future HomePod PP if you want this to be successful.

5- Opportunities to create a complimentary soundtrack to many home Pods connections

One of the tricks that play the competition for the original HomePod is price. For a fraction of the cost of a Cupertino smart speaker, you can program the entire Amazon system with your Echoes, and link them together to pretend it's a multi-speaker sound system.

Apple should not lose sight of this feature. We all know that even though they won't reduce the price of a new device to the level of competition, they will We hope the reductions are enough for users to be encouraged to buy more than one HomePod

of your homes, offices etc. And for use together. Today this is possible with the original HomePod, but its high price makes it forbidden to be more than one in many cases.

4- Third party support and main connection

HomePod nourishes the opportunities that Apple offers you to give his best. The problem is that the user doesn't always agree to allow Apple, so opening other music apps like Spotify should be a priority for a new device. Apple should allow its users to choose who they want to be their service provider instead of installing Apple Music or iTunes on their HomePod, thus offering an alternative.

More than this, Another possible decision you may have is the ability to connect the HomePod to other devices such as the television.

. It thus facilitates the use of both devices naturally, enabling video capabilities. Playing both possibilities would make the inexpensive HomePod a very competitive tool.

White HomePod

3- Agreeing with the headset of your phone

In the same way that Amazon Echo can use the iPhone's blue to play music on AirPods, Apple should work on providing the same possibility for its HomePod., allowing you to listen to music on the HomePod and installing AirPods, will automatically be streamed until you remove them and play on the speaker again.

2- Learn to reproduce everyday habits

If something is missing from the HomePod it is the ability to learn from our habits, the ability to anticipate or satisfy our needs without asking. This is The HomePod must use artificial intelligence to learn what we always use. Is it too early? Read the emails and turn on the radio. Is it time to cook? Play music, and more depending on our behavior throughout the day thinking what we want.

Voice Assistants Amazon Echo Google Home

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1- Doing your own thing about privacy

Even though the HomePod currently has Siri command to ask it to stop listening to your surroundings, most users would like to have a visible way to disconnect the microphone, as competition is already giving way. Even though the physical appearance of Apple's new speaker, there should be a visible button to cut off the contact response.

For now We don't know what Apple has for its plans for the HomePod "Mini" future but we hope that it includes some if not all of the benefits we have presented here. The HomePod is a great tool, but it needs to come out and adapt to the market in order to better adapt and therefore be a viable option.


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