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7 Best Horror Games for Android (2020)



7 Best Horror Games for Android (2020)

On Google Play you can find the largest number of Android games. A good second-hand industry and offering a wide range of mobile device titles of all kinds. If you are a fan of terrorism, you love the horror, you are lucky, because we give you 7 Awesome Games To Have A Fun Time With Your Android.

List where they are well-known degrees with its console and computer versions, and perhaps lesser-known ones but that will give you a ‘hard time'. Also, most of these games are available on both Android devices and iOS terminals. These are seven scary mobile games about it you will be very scared.

Day of the Dead, one of the most popular horror games on Android.

Top Horror Games for Android

  • Five hours on Freddy's
  • Psychiatric Hospital V
  • Evil Edge
  • Day is dead
  • All that's left
  • Horror Hospital 2
  • Slendrina: Thief (Free)

Five hours on Freddy's

Five hours on Freddy's a redesigned version of the computer game. A terrifying article as you step into the shoes of a security guard in charge of a new job at a pizzeria, which is very attractive Freddy and his two friends, animal-shaped animatronic robots. However, at night these robots make their living and make their own. From security cameras you have to get them before they can reach you.

Psychiatric Hospital V

Psychiatric Hospital V is an awesome game available on Android devices where you will have full access to the abandoned psychiatric hospital midnight. The story of the first man with a horrible spirit and his story begins with a little investigation into that hospital, where the horrible creatures are hiding and where you will have to try to save a relative or save yourself.

Evil Edge

Evil Edge it's a terrific game that has won several prizes and that's it can be enjoyed literally, thus gaining more immersion experience. The story tells us that, in his quest for his family, Minister Edge brings the opponent to a grim end and despair. A game that combines horror and sophisticated adventure game equipment, puzzles to be solved and more.

Day is dead

Day is dead A popular and terrifying title from Behavior Interactive, with over 12 million active players and available on consoles and PCs. A multiplayer horror game when one user gave life to the killer, and the other four stepped into the shoes of the survivors. The killer's intention is none other than to destroy the survivors, the characters who have to fix the generator to escape the evil influence.

All that's left

All that's left it's a terrifying horrible game in which you live a terrifying adventure in the dungeon. You step into the shoes of the protagonist, rising from the pit you do not know how you ended up there, only with the indication that it was built by your father. The killer is free and the goal is to get answers, in a game where fear is the key to it all.

Horror Hospital 2

Horror Hospital 2 It is a game you will be very afraid of. The topic that brings you an abandoned and empty hospital which contains paranormal functions, and where you can survive is a very difficult task if you do not have feelings of iron. An article with beautiful graphics that will make you very scared.

Slendrina: Thief (Free)

Slendrina: Thief (Free) she is the widow of SlenderMan, a fictional character who appeared as creepypasta. A shocking article where you have to research to find a series of books, while fleeing to Slendrina, who will search for you until you finish. If you have already played Slender man, you can't miss the chance to try this curious and terrifying version featuring his wife.

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