Smartphone activations in the United States this Christmas

Christmas is a good time to ask the Three Kings or Santa for a new smartphone. In fact, for many data analytics companies, Christmas Day, December 25, is a key day in determining the popularity of different smartphones. he percentage of activation of new devices allows them to extrapolate popularity into numbers. Plus, it’s still a headline that covers the covers of major tech media in the days after Christmas Day. This year 9 out of 10 activations were performed on iPhone

and the the most popular device has been the iPhone 11.

IPhone 11 is the most activated mobile this Christmas

This US data is provided to us by the data analysis company Flurry Analytics. It is responsible for collecting information from over a million mobile applications. According to their own data, they are able to collect information of more than two billion devices per month and it is responsible for giving an image of the popularity of terminals when they are activated on Christmas Day. For that The activations of December 25 are analyzed compared to those activated in the period from December 18 to 24.

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This year 2020, the figures have been smiling on Apple since 9 out of 10 activated devices were iPhones.

If we analyze the graph, we see that the most popular device has been the iPhone 11. On the other hand, if we look at the more ‘Pro’ line, the most coveted device has been the iPhone 12 Pro Max, in front of the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Smartphone activation comparison 2019 vs 2020 at Christmas

However, to really check the popularity trend, we can also look at the increase with the previous week

on Christmas day. The one realizing the most growth is the iPhone SE. A powerful, cheap and renewed device this year that could have been a good gift this holiday season. The devices that decrease this parameter are the iPhone 8 and iPhone 11 Pro Max, devices from last year that may have taken a back seat with new smartphones for sale.

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The only exception in the Top 10 activations is the LG K30 whose growth compared to last week was 131%. If we analyze the total number of activations compared to Christmas Day last year, we see that activations decreased by 23%. This could be due to the savings of the Americans or this very unusual year when meetings are limited.