AMC + Video Streaming Service Comes to Apple TV App as a Subscription Channel 1

Apple TV is one of the services that has grown the most in recent times, a cloud-based service that allows us to play streaming videos. This is all thanks to a catalog that has grown throughout the lifespan of this year, and also thanks to the presence on more and more devices, not just Apple devices. The best thing is that Apple h as also chosen to incorporate other video streaming services into Apple TV, they have done so through channels we subscribe to through Apple TV. Now Apple just added the AMC + video service to its subscription channels

. Keep reading as we give you all the details of this new addition to Apple TV.

As we say, keep in mind that we are talking about the Apple TV app, an application that you can have on your Apple TV but also on devices such as Amazon Fire Stick or even on some smart TVs (also on newer PS5 and XBOX). And you should also keep in mind that for now this new addition of AMC + sIt is only available in the United States. A new channel, AMC +, which brings us ad-free AMC programming, as well as fictitious television content before it is broadcast on television. AMC + has a cost of $ 8.99 which we can pay through our Apple ID linked to the Apple TV app.

What can we see at AMC +? You can keep up to date with series like The walking dead and be able to see the content of the series before everyone else. You can also see great company classics such as Mad Men. What about you, do you use the Apple TV app? Wish you could have more subscription channels through Apple TV and use the app as a content aggregator?