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An app from the Apple store is being updated and already supports dark mode




Apple Store App

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One of the biggest services that Apple offers to us when buying its products is to be able to do so through its official system. Thanks to the Apple Store app we don't know ourselves access all of the products offered by the company In your online store, it also has the latest information on physical stores. Or, we have the opportunity to buy accessories at any Apple store through self-service.

However, months after the official launch of iOS 13, there was something we always lacked when it came to the app. A feature that completely changed the design of the mobile app. Of course, we're talking about black mode

. The most surprising thing is that this is an app developed by Apple, so now it seems strange that it didn't fit with this new feature. Something, fortunately, they've fixed.

Thanks to the latest version of the Apple Store app, now available in the App Store, a new build of black mode has been made for users. And as always on iOS, to activate this look we'll have to work in black mode with system options

or from the control center, either in light settings or with a dedicated button. From that moment on we can enjoy the Apple store with a renewed look.

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This review comes when we meet just one month from Apple's next developer conference, WWDC 2020, where announcements of company products and services are expected. So, it's no surprise that the company wants to have its main store ready, especially at a time when many of its official stores are still closed.


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