Apple has been preparing AirTags for more than two years 1

AirTag It is a device that we have been talking about for several years now, you will know if all this time you are accompanying us throughout the news and rumors that the Cupertino company offers us and that we send you as soon as possible.

However, while the product may seem relatively straightforward, the reality is that Apple has had to put in constant years of work to frame its new line of trackers. The Cupertino company sought regulatory approval for AirTags two years before launching them.

Probably at the hardware level, the idea was much easier to implement than at the software level. The type of mesh network via Bluetooth that the devices of the Cupertino company create around the AirTag required updates and above all a very complex modernization of the iPhone Search application, as well as the rest of the brand’s products. . Something didn’t seem to be going too well, and Apple was delayed for more than two years in its launch.

However, now they are even quick to comment that Android devices will also participate in the placement of these AirTags.

During the second half of 2019 Apple was already putting in the hands of the FCC in the United States of America the information necessary to regulate and market AirTags, which is said soon. Lots of work now on a product that seems designed to look only for keys, but surely the Cupertino company will get their hands on us soon so that we can even manage our connected home through HomeKit and all compatible devices, Imagine taking your iPhone to the AirTag you have at the entrance to the house and all the lights go out when you leave, great.