The new Apple AirPods Max

The AirPods Max launched a few weeks ago and it ended a perfect year for Apple. The renewal of its iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch in addition to the launch of its new Macs are the A1 chip, making 2020 a year of revolution for the Big Apple. The new headband headphones were launched without an in-person event. However, that did not make the expectations and demand higher than expected for Apple. In one of the last interviews with certain vice-presidents of the company, they assure that The design of the AirPods Max went through hundreds of prototypes before it came to an end.

A neat design for the crown jewel: AirPods Max

Introducing AirPods Max, the perfect balance between stunning high-fidelity sound and the magical ease of use of AirPods. The definitive headphones are here.

The last interview relating to AirPods Max comes from the Japanese site Casa BRUTUS. In this interview, they were able to speak with the vice presidents of industrial design, product marketing and an industrial designer from the company. Point out that VP of Industrial Design, Evans Hankey, is the successor to the famous Jon Ive, a very important figure in the design of Apple products over the past decade.

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The new Apple AirPods Max

The design team went through a long decision-making process during which they finally managed to find the essence of the new AirPods Max. According to Hankey, the new headphones are “two capsules and a strong, flexible band that connects them.” For them that was the goal, define a common design and then choose the materials, shape and final finish.

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Out of curiosity, the group that joins the two headphones, right and left, has the ability to bend up to 285% of its original shape, in order to adapt to the different shapes of heads of all types of users. In contrast, in the interview, the idea of ​​importing common elements such as the Digital Crown or the button to activate active noise cancellation, which resembles the external interface of the Apple Watch, was discussed.the left and right res also go through this.