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Apple has one of the biggest updates to iOS 14. It’s iOS 14.5 which is in beta in which developers test and test the news to debug errors. However, as of this writing, we don’t know when the f inal version will see the light of day or if those from Cupertino have a trump card up their sleeve. Some users who installed the beta version of iOS 14.5 and other users of iOS 14.4.2 are starting to see Search for tags in the App Store.

This would allow the user add more specific elements to the search and further refine your search. Will Apple test this feature to launch it in iOS 14.5?

Profiling App Store searches with the new tags

The news jumped in light of the MacRumors community forums and some Twitter users. They warned that when searching the App Store it allowed them add tags to the search. That is, if we were looking for a video editor, when we put “editor” we could add this tag and to further refine the search we would add another tag called “video”. In this way, the App Store would cross the tags to find all the apps containing these descriptions.

Apple introduces tag searches to the App Store 1

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Some of these users have iOS 14.4.2 installed on their devices while others have been released with the latest beta of iOS 14.5. This suggests that these tags integrated in the search engine of the App Store are modifications of the central servers from Cupertino and could deploy the feature to whatever version we had as long as it was enabled in the code. In this way, Apple could add the tags to all users of iOS 14 whether they installed iOS 14.5 after its release or not.

Is new way to search allows users to further filter their searches and find applications more precisely. When we add more tags, we restrict the search to apps that actually do what we want. Of course, developers will need to update your apps to clarify which labels define the application so that, in the event of a surge, the user’s search is profitable.

Photo – @Nickjsheriff