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Apple is planning a "wireless recovery" for iOS based on the latest beta




IOS 13

Recently, a new beta version of iOS 13.4 has reached devices registered with the beta software program the company has been keeping for a few years. This is a new version, A third has already occurred of the following update, we include a series of changes and fixes that will allow you to get the job done to get started. However, we didn't expect it to bring any more news.

As we experienced with the first beta integration of iOS 13.4, this version will bring features such as folders shared by Cloud Drive, or restoration of previous email application tools. It is also possible to announce the arrival of CarKey, a feature that will allow us to unlock our cars from the Wallet app. And now we know that Apple could be preparing for something really important for company devices.

Ios 13 is PadOS beta 5 cover

Specifically, it was discovered in the latest beta integration of iOS 13.4 the presence of a feature called "OS Recovery", whose connection reminds us that we can get use of devices like AirPods or HomePod. According to information from 9to5Mac, this function may allow us to reuse our devices in the future without connecting them to a PC or Mac. It can also be used for detecting other devices through a cable connection via Lightning or USB-C.

At first, this innovation may seem silly, perhaps unnecessary for most users. However, it is important to note that the DFU return mode it still needs iTunes now

with its functionality, which makes it useless if we don't have a computer nearby.

Apple OS Restoration
Via: 9to5Mac

On the other hand, devices such as the Apple Watch or HomePod do not yet have user retrieval systems available, so whenever they need this function they need to attend a technical service, because cannot be transferred to a computer or other metal. A solution like this might be perfect for these cases, thus preventing users from going for support.

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However, it is important to remember that this work is still under construction, so that the information available about its operation is limited. In fact, so far it has only been possible to access what appears to be a "catch" interface. As such we may never see him again on our devices, or delayed by an update such as iOS 14.


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