Android would have an application for  AirTags

A few hours ago, Apple released the first firmware update for AirTags, the Big Apple’s geolocation beacons. In this update, the time it takes for the AirTag to start ringing is changed if it has moved away from the iPhone it was paired with. It goes from three days until now, to between 8 and 24 hour new update. In this way, the times during which the AirTag detects that it is “lost” are reduced. In addition to this update, Apple announced that it is preparing an application for Android with the aim of providing the ability to find AirTags

and prevent malicious tracking of users of this operating system.

Apple is preparing an application for Android to find AirTags

A new movement from Apple around its new AirTags is the creation of an application for Android. To understand this movement, you must first understand how location beacons work. When an AirTag moves away from the iPhone it’s paired with, “lost mode” begins and a notification appears on every iPhone or Apple device that detects it. This alert automatically appears on all devices compatible with the target of prevent malicious tracking by certain users.

Because they could put an AirTag in our backpack and follow us through the Find My network.

However, this does not happen with Android devices. In order to find information on a lost AirTag, we must have a device with NFC and know that we have a lost AirTag with us. Creating an Android app will allow constant notification of lost devices from the Find My network. This Big Apple move serves to prevent malicious tracking by AirTag holders of Android users.

Apple looks askance at Android and prepares an app to find AirTags 1

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It is not known whether these users through this app will also be able to activate AirTag or if it will only be used to receive alerts of lost devices and serve as a locator ‘beacon’. However, we hope not, as Apple’s efforts to control the privacy and security of the location and the products themselves fall a little short of outsourcing its products to third-party software. This application, as reported by Apple to CNET, It will be available at the end of the year.