Apple Music is one of Spotify that the Cupertino company decided to introduce and that's when Sotify knew how to protect themselves with a metal arm. Years after many expectations were met, Apple Music is not a real contender for the number of users against Spotify, however, it has a large base of millions of users (Apple users apparently) who have made it popular with a huge variety of devices. Apple and Samsung's new approach comes at the end of the Apple Music app on Samsung Smart TVs,

Were you looking forward to this arrival?

Starting today, Samsung Smart TVs launched from 2018 received an update to its app store that will allow Apple Music to be downloaded. This is very effective for two reasons: The first is that Samsung is one of the world's largest television producers and sellers; Second is that many Apple users with Samsung phones will be able to take advantage of their multimedia facilities such as speakers and audio bars that are compatible with these televisions so that they can listen to music at home. It is undoubtedly an alternative that will discourage many users, especially those with Hi-Fi machines or various models connected to the television.

This agreement was created for the purpose of providing our customers with the best entertainment features. Now that people are spending more time at home we should show more effort to make this post – Salek Bordsky / Samsung Vice President of Business and Development.

So, Samsung is an excellent position in this regard for syncing Apple consoles to their devices, we already have AirPlay 2, HomeKit, Apple TV and now Apple Music, we never thought of Apple, but this looks good.