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Apple stopped signing iOS 13.2.2, it's time to upgrade to iOS 13.2.3




IOS 13

Apple stopped signing iOS 13.2.2 to make its end users with lags upgrade to iOS 13.2.3, which was available for about two weeks. Apple is familiar with this practice as a way to prevent jailbreak, and as a result it forces its users to keep their devices and latest versions to enjoy the latest security innovations.

Advances and solutions to this little update.

IOS 13.2.3 has been released to fix minor bugs found in its previous version, among the annoying problems when rediscovering old emails or bugs related to the traditional iOS messaging app has prevented us from seeing the pictures, links and other attachments we send you.

Prevent prison burglary as a backdrop.

Apple often signs previous versions of its app to avoid potential downturns that allow jailbreaks of its devices. This measure, though controversial has a lot of logic and it is a way to prevent such practices. It is also a practice that enables its users to use the latest version available, thus ensuring that they have excellent security and troubleshooting issues.


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Chips A12 and A13 as the purpose of this review when we talk about Jailbreak.

Due to failure of a known processor from the A11 back to back, these will always be involved in prison breakdowns on the devices it uses, without being reviewed by Apple. It's a new machine, introduced last year of 2018 and it's the same in 2019 that they currently don't have anything that passes in a way that allows it to be modified incorrectly, and these devices are Apple's intention when it comes to preventing illegal iOS types.

And what do you think about Apple having stopped signing earlier versions of its mobile app? Leave us a comment in the comments section.


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