Apple turns Shazam into an app clip using automatic recognition 1

One of the first apps we started using with our iPhone was Shazam, the app that identified the music playing around us, magical at that time … Apple learned of the app’s fame and ended up buying the app so that its technology could be integrated into iOS with it. Changes in Shazam which resulted in a button in the Control Center that allowed what we were doing before requiring an entire app. Now we just found out that the next one iOS 14.6 will use an app clip to show us additional information about songs that we identify with the Shazam built into iOS.

. Keep reading as we tell you all the details …

It was last year when Apple launched iOS 14.2 and with a button with the Shazam logo directly in the iOS control center. Thanks to this, we could forget to download the Shazam app because with it we could invoke the recognition of Shazam songs. Yes, We could also do this with Siri, but thanks to this, the use of recognition was made easier.

. Of course, using the control center button a webpage has been launched showing the credentials. With the new iOS 14.6, Apple wanted the login experience to be more similar to what we saw with the app. How did they do it? with an application clip.

For those of you who don’t know how Application clips,

Apple launched with iOS 14 the possibility for developers to offern reduced or previewed versions of an application. And this are they going to offer us now when we identify a song via the Shazam button, the Shazam Clip app?. This will allow us to see all the data of the song itself thanks to this “mini” application that we download. Also thanks to the Shazam Clip app, we can also share the identified songs via other applications, access the lyrics, play them on Apple Music, etc …