The privacy is one of the issues that worries Apple the most lately. We see in the latest updates that we have more and more opinions about what apps do with our information, which developers are critical of but which is definitely good for us. New: Apple to launch new app tracking announcements in spring. Keep reading as we tell you all the details of these new reviews.

Some notices that will work the same way we have the camera access notices, photos, contacts, location … Apple will request the tracking permission for the app in question and we’ll decide. Something that must have existed a long time ago, which was supposed to be released with iOS 14, and which was postponed after criticism among others from Facebook. And it is that the complaint of the social network does not stop there, They continue in the same position, accusing Apple of having the privilege of deciding what an app can and cannot do.

… In the words of Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Apple:

Privacy means peace of mind, it means security and it means you are in control of your own data. Our goal is to create technology that protects people’s information. We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right and our teams work every day to integrate it into everything we do.

As we told you, we’ll see this update next spring, and it’s probably iOS 14.5 that brings us these new privacy notices. Some reviews that will simply ask us and make us decide whether an app is following us or not; Apple does not block, it is we who have the power to decide one thing or another. We’ll keep you posted on any iOS 14 updates that Apple may release.