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Destructive messages will soon arrive on WhatsApp



Destructive messages will soon arrive on WhatsApp

WhatsApp developers have been working hard for a few months. There are a few weeks where we can hear about some emerging issues and a few months where we do not see an acceptable change within the system. The last one mentioned is the installation of private messages, as we have seen in some instant messaging apps.

How self-harming messages will work

We do not know what the official process of the company will be in these types of messages, but we are beginning to get an idea of ​​how they work.

Destructive messages will soon arrive on WhatsApp

We may send text, images and animated GIFS to any of your contacts with this new type of delivery. You will see it as a normal message though as soon as you leave the conversation will be deleted

impossible to find.

These types of messages will appear separately in the conversation so we know that, when we leave it, it will disappear.

We may assume that these types of messages are suitable for approval or for certain messages that we do not want to be recorded, but it would always be possible to take a screenshot or a mobile phone image so be careful what you share.

We do not yet know when this function will work in beta or stable versions but we do know that in the latest version of the app there is already a code built into it.

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