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Disney + is now available for iOS, iPadOS and tvOS




Disney +

There in early November a video platform Apple TV + For starters, I put it on the television in the living room and made a formal presentation for my family. With great enthusiasm, I stood in front of the TV, remote control, with my black hat making my key note to my wife and my two children, who watched me sitting on the sofa.

There was no ooh! for compliments, or applause, or for photo light. Their faces looked at me funny, seeing their husband / dad playing a clown again. But when they watched TV, and saw the content offered by Apple TV + for the first time, their appearance was completely irrelevant. Not a hint of interest. On the other hand, it's been three weeks since the kitchen calendar was marked March 24, and my little boy's bad manuscript reads: Disney +

. Fortunately, Movistar puts it on the television offer, and I don't have to subscribe.

Today begins in Spain and many European countries with a new video streaming platform Disney +. It has an amazing catalog of movies and a new series of all Disney-owned products, including its own TV channels.

Its presentation is made of special films, series and short films from Disney, Pstrong, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic

. Almost nothing. It's a new payment platform. Its price is 6.99 Euro per month.

The Disney + platform can be enjoyed on all Apple mobile devices, and on Apple TV. You have your application available in the App Store IOS, iPadOS and tvOS.

Disney +

Movistar is incorporating Disney + into its Fusion packages.

Movistar is including Disney + in its Fusion packages at no extra cost

All subscribers to Movistar + they have one contract for the next fusion packages, they have access Disney + for free either. Movistar Fusion prices include Disney + starting March 24:

Fall Fusion Fall, Fall F4 Fusion Fall, Fall F4 Fusion Fall Fall, Fall Fusion 4, Fall Fusion 4 Rows 4, Fusion X Foss 4, Fusion Fusion 4 Fusion Fall Fall Fusion Selection Plus Fiction X4, Fusion + Football Soccer, Fusion + Fantasy Theme, Fusion + Hobbies Theme, Fusion + Premium, Fusion + Premium Extra, Fusion + Full Premium, Fusion + 4 Premium, Fusion + 4 Extra Premium and Fusion + 4 Full premium.

Initially, for Movistar subscribers, it will only be available through Disney + applications like any other subscriber. In a few days, Disney + content will be compiled into UHD decoder as happened a few months ago with Netflix.

While this integration works, you can simply apply My Movistar, available for iOS and iPadOS, and request your new platform password.


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