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Disney World is filmed with the iPhone 11 Pro




Disney video recorded with iPhone 11 Pro

In these days of compulsory confinement, for good reason, many people have decided to remove many items from the list of "no time" items. So, while some are learning, some are contemplating and some are learning new skills, the librarian has decided to find the contents of his channel, streaming a video of his last Disney vacation, completely recorded with the iPhone 11.

The video released by Daniel Jeremiah offers a compilation of scenes filmed on the iPhone 11 Pro, from his latest a family vacation in a Disney world, the content that brought together the art work worth selling, and the daily video process made during the holiday season.

Disney World is filmed with the iPhone 11 Pro

So also as Jeremiah explained in his press release, the content was filmed with an Apple subscription and without sponsorship no support. In various scenes you can see the beginning of the journey with his two sons and his wife, entering and becoming the world's second most visited park, currently closed as a coronavirus.

About four minutes of video is entitled "Disney World (Shot on iPhone 11 Pro)"

accompanied by background music and real conversation from its rivals, several people from the Disney world are identified, walk on water slides and of course the anticipated fireworks show where "obligations", all visitors should end their day in the park.

The features of the camera system have played a role in the iPhone 11 Pro since its launch, and many users have been tempted to try it out in their professional careers, many found in the series. Shot on iPhone from Apple's YouTube channel. Through them, the creators have given us the opportunity to visit fascinating places or historical sites and certainly encourage other users to pray about their creations.


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