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Download the best cat games for free on your iPhone or iPad




cat games

Cats are a good company of humans and although they are known for their coldness or imbalance most of their time, the truth is these unique flines tend to be more playable than most believe. And while it seems like a joke, there are some apps that can help you see this side of your funny animal.

Well, in the App Store there are requests for your cat game style. These are apps of a certain style, because The goal is to keep the attention of the "pussycat" while seeing how it actually works, laughter and surprising discoveries. So, we've already welcomed you with the latest free apps take the gamer side to your pet.

A mouse of cats

This game in 2D and HDR has 11 different levels, optimized for filing, because its unique graphics, stopwatch and animation do not come from an animal. You have to buy something in-app unlocking many sounds and levels, but its free version has certainly been a good option.

Download here

mouse cats ios

Mouse in Cheese

This is another mouse and 3D game, It is designed to push your pet to the highest possible level. The severity and complexity of this game is based on catching as many mice out of cheese, as your cat can reach, the speed will increase, which makes the life of your little friend difficult.

The game is free and you can download it here.

Mice of cats cats

Friskies Jitter Bug

If there is a popular game between cats this is it. Unlike the previous one, here Dams are bugs that move on the screen. Different insects travel at different speeds and photos make your cat play in more advanced mode, you can share your score on Facebook!

Smash bugs here.

Friskies JitterBug ios

Cat Fishing 2

Nestle Purina and Friskies have planned to work for your cat only, and bring it back game for your cat schools to use its legs on your device. This game, like the previous one, consists of catching … fish, fish? Yes! Amazing Goldfish! In addition, it has the intelligence to attract your cat's attention to the sounds once it has stopped playing for 30 seconds to regain its interest in the game again keep adding points.

You can put her here in writing.

Fishing Cats 2 ios


Finally the game combine the previous three letters Favorites of your cat: insects, rodents and fish. But it also has a charming light that can attract your attention. All aspects of other games, in this case, these projects are not so good. However, this game has a rating of 5 stars, thus becoming one of the users' favorites.

Try it free here.

CatzPlay ios

We hope these games will allow you to have a fun and exciting time meeting your cat. All these applications are available for iPhone and iPad, but I recommend that you use them on the iPad for better information. And speaking of games, don't forget to find out what's new in Call of Duty Mobile and its February events.


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